[OpenAFS] Monitoring bad ACLs of webpages: best practices? faster search?

Stephen Repetski skrepetski@gmail.com
Sat, 8 May 2010 00:37:22 -0400

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> There are audit logs that you can turn on which will log every
> ACL change.  Audit log output can be written to a pipe so that
> a process can scan then in real time.  You can then have that
> process send e-mail, log warnings, or even alter the ACL if
> necessary.
> There will be a talk at the upcoming workshop describing how
> a combination of dump scanning and audit stream parsing was
> used to enforce export compliance regulations.
> Jeffrey Altman

Could you explain a bit more about the audit logs showing the ACL change =
data (and perhaps some example usage)? Our institution has had some of =
the same concerns brought up in this thread, and hope to implement one =
or a series of solutions to prevent damage from poorly thought out ACLs =
that users may create. While this would be an after-the-fact log scan, =
it would still prove to be extremely useful.

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