[OpenAFS] AFS evaluation

Rick Cochran rcc2@cornell.edu
Fri, 14 May 2010 17:20:09 -0400

I was a very happy AFS admin until changing jobs about 13 years ago.  Now, I 
have been asked to evaluate AFS as a possible solution to our need for central 
filesystem functionality at Cornell.  Here are my experiences so far.  Comments 
and suggestions are welcome.


Documentation issues (setting up server functionality):

Should mention krb.conf:

Should mention /usr/vice/etc/krb.conf:

"asetkey" command is missing "add":

There are no useful descriptions of the AFSDB and SRV record techniques in 
either the "QuickStart" or "Reference" documentation.


Client issues
Windows client

     * Windows 7 client (1.5.74) has authentication issues
     * Windows 7 client (1.5.74) running in a NATed VirtualBox instance cannot 
map a drive letter to "\\AFS".
     * Windows 7 client (1.5.7401) running in a NATed VirtualBox instance cannot 
access any cell other than openafs.org.
     * Windows 7 client works OK in 32-bit "bridged" VirtualBox instance.


MacOS client (both 1.4.12 and 1.5.73)

     * There is no uninstaller.
     * If the installation requires a restart (which it says it does), then it 
should force a restart.

Kernel panic

To reproduce:

    1. In the System Preferences OpenAfs panel, click Shutdown.  Nothing happens.
    2. Any additional action (click Shutdown again or restart MacOS) causes a panic.


Linux works fine (of course).