[OpenAFS] aklog: ktc 7 error using OpenAFS for windows

Jeffrey Altman jaltman@secure-endpoints.com
Tue, 14 Sep 2010 23:44:41 +0200

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On 9/14/2010 6:24 PM, John Tang Boyland wrote:
> I have a student who is unable to get AFS tokens using NIM.
> (It does get kerberos tickets).
> So I tested using the aklog in a command window:
> This is using openafs version is 1.5.77 (64 bit)
> on a brand-new Windows 7 (64 bit) computer.
> We installed 64 bit KfW (from Secure Endpoints)
> Here's what results:
> aklog -d -c cs.uwm.edu
> Authenticating to cell cs.uwm.edu.
> Getting v5 tickets: afs/cs.uwm.edu@CS.UWM.EDU
> Getting v5 tickets: afs/cs.uwm.edu@
> Getting v5 tickets: afs@CS.UWM.EDU
> About to resolve name xxx@CS.UWM.EDU to id
> Set username to xxxx@CS.UWM.EDU
> Getting tokens.
> aklog: ktc 7 (11862791) while obtaining tokens for cell cs.uwm.edu
> (The same problem happened for a different student with 32 bit AFS with=

> OpenAFS 1.5.76).
> This is very frustrating since there's no information on how to trouble=

> shoot this problem that I could find. Indeed I'm finding openafs much
> harder to get to work on Windows) this semester than last year. =20
> Best regards,
> John


I am very sorry you (and everyone else) are having issues with Windows
7.  The error you have received indicates that aklog has issued a pioctl
to the AFS cache manager and it is unable to communicate with the
service either because the service has not been started or because the
SMB Netbios communication channel (Microsoft's code) has failed.

Network Identity Manager does try to provide you clear feedback on this.
 There is a lock icon in the system notification area for AFS.
If the lock is broken it means that the SMB Netbios communication
channel has failed.  You can also tell that you have this issue if you
issue the command "NET VIEW \\AFS" and it returns a System Error 53
(Network Path Not Found).  If you receive error 53 and "nbtstat -S"
indicates that the service "AFS" is listening, then what has occurred is
that the Microsoft kernel module that performs Netbios name resolution
is failing to identify the published name "AFS".  Unfortunately once
this occurs there is nothing that can be done to regain AFS access but
to reboot.

When an OpenAFS client built upon an native redirector is available for
public use, then this problem will be resolved.  When 1.7 releases begin
to be issued, those releases will contain the AFS redirector.

Jeffrey Altman

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