[OpenAFS] aklog: ktc 7 error using OpenAFS for windows

John Tang Boyland boyland@cs.uwm.edu
Thu, 16 Sep 2010 11:20:26 -0500

More information on our problem with WIndows 7 (64 bit) OpenAFS 1.5.77

I have several students who have successfully installed OpenAFS
on Windows 7 and have it working at least for while,
although some said that in order to avoid VERY VERY LONG (*) waits on login,
they had to un-install and then install first 32 bit and then 64 bit.
(Others said this doesn't work.  It's very confusing.)
BTW: The VERY LONG WAIT happens even if one checks "prevent OPENAFS
from running on startup")
(*) VERY VERY LONG may be forever; the user has to ctrl-alt-delete to
get their desktop to start.  We've waited 15 minutes before giving up.

The question was whether the problem was only after a network change.
It is true that the one remaining student who cannot use OpenAFS with
Windows 7 is using a wireless service that requires a login AFTER
connecting, but as it happens AFS is completely broken even before logging
in to the wireless system.
(NB: The other person who had "ktc 7" error gave up after two weeks of
attempts and installed Ubuntu.)

NET VIEW \\AFS     hangs for about 5 minutes and then reports:
System error 53 has occurred.
The network path was not found

This happens BEFORE connecting to the wireless network, AND AFTER connecting
and AFTER getting tickets with NIM.

nbstat is not found as an executable, so I wasn't able to run "nbstat -S"

NIM does say that the AFS client service is running.

John Boyland