[OpenAFS] Re: Unable to delete volume

Andrew Deason adeason@sinenomine.net
Mon, 1 Aug 2011 09:18:31 -0500

On Sun, 31 Jul 2011 22:24:39 -0400
Aaron Knister <aaronk@umbc.edu> wrote:

> > As Simon indicates, what you want 'vos delentry', for the entry that
> > 'vos listvldb' showed you.
> vos delentry doesn't work-- I tried that a bunch of times before I
> posted to the list. Heres the error I get:
> Could not delete entry for volume 536988828
> You must specify a RW volume name or ID (the entire VLDB entry will be deleted)
> VLDB: no such entry
> Deleted 0 VLDB entries

You can't delete by non-RW id. Just give the volume name like the
message says, and it will delete the entry.

Andrew Deason