[OpenAFS] endianness problem somewhere in pts lookup, 1.5.77

dorian taylor dorian.taylor.lists@gmail.com
Thu, 11 Aug 2011 12:23:35 -0700

Hi there,

I think I found a byte-sex problem somewhere in the system of aklog
and DNS SRV records. My Mac (10.5.8 running OpenAFS 1.5.77) kept
taking inordinately long to run aklog, so I decided to investigate.
Upon retrieving the SRV record for the prserver, aklog makes multiple
attempts to query the server on port 23067 rather than 7002. Of

$ perl -le 'printf "%x %x\n", 7002, 23067'
1b5a 5a1b

I'm not sure if this was fixed in future releases, just letting you know.


Dorian Taylor