[OpenAFS] improving cache partition performance

Edgecombe, Jason jwedgeco@uncc.edu
Mon, 29 Aug 2011 14:22:12 +0000

% fs getcacheparms
AFS using 145647975 of the cache's available 212484585 1K byte blocks.

I'm already using RAID 0, so I'm already striping. I'll have to do some ben=
chmarking with ext2.

Our web servers handle PHP web apps and large movie files.


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> For starters, I'd use ext2 instead of ext3, or perhaps use ext4 with
> journaling turned off.

I'd second the use of ext2 for AFS cache because you can allways wipe
and start over with an empty cache partition. During a crash, the
transactions that were not written to the server yet are lost anyway.

How big a cache do you need for your web server? Maybe stripe/mirror
would do much better than RAID5.

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