[OpenAFS] 1.6 clients: rx version pings

Stephan Wiesand stephan.wiesand@desy.de
Fri, 2 Dec 2011 17:52:14 +0100


we had seen this during EAKC already: 1.6 clients are supposed to ping =
file servers once a second, yet they do so at much higher rates. As the =
number of 1.6 clients is increasing here, this has become a real =

The clients also seem to never stop - even if there's no longer a =
fileserver running on a certain machine, it still gets pinged.

Is there any way to prevent the client from doing this? Any way to at =
least make it forget an old fileserver? Or at least reset the rate to =
the 1 Hz it should be? Can this be disabled altogether? Supposed I find =
the place in the code where these pings happen and just remove them, =
what would be the consequences?

Thanks for any help,

Stephan Wiesand
Platanenallee 6
15738 Zeuthen, Germany