[OpenAFS] false fileserver in vldb, howto remove?

Lars Schimmer l.schimmer@cgv.tugraz.at
Wed, 07 Dec 2011 14:32:24 +0100


I am stuck on a small problem. While I redid one of my fileserver, it=20
started with a wrong IP and registered its volumes on the wrong IP.
Now I tryed to get rid of this IP.

I did:
vos delentry -server  (wrong IP)
Afterwards all my vldb entries were gone.
So I needed to:
vos syncvldb fileserver(1-4)
vos syncserv fileserver(1-4)

and the vos listvldb show all volumes fine and no sign of
But a vos listaddr still shows that IP.
And a vos changeaddr -remove shows me:

Could not remove server from the VLDB
VLDB: volume Id exists in the vldb

and a  fs getserv
trinculo.cgv.tugraz.at                             20005                                       40001
afsgraz.igd.fraunhofer.de                          40009
phobos.cgv.tugraz.at                               20005
deimos.cgv.tugraz.at                               20010

3 Fileservers 1.6 debian, one 1.4.12, 3 DB servers on 1.6 debian.

(the three fileservers with a 172.24.25.x network do have a=20
/etc/openafs/NetRestrict file which includes:

And the Filelog does show, the fileserver does run on 129.27.218.x on=20
all 3 fileservers in question.
So the wrong IP is just still in DB, somehow.
How to remove it safe, secure and forever?

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