[OpenAFS] BosConfig file and empty line

Simon Wilkinson sxw@inf.ed.ac.uk
Sun, 11 Dec 2011 11:56:14 +0000

On 11 Dec 2011, at 10:42, Lars Schimmer wrote:
> The empty line ahead of salvager was a problem. Good to know those =
make problems, but is it really needed to be as strict as it is now?

Originally, the BosConfig file wasn't supposed to be user editable - you =
were meant to use the 'bos' command line interface to modify the =
bosserver configuration. We've relaxed that a little recently, but there =
haven't been any changes to the parser to make it more forgiving.

If you fancy making such modifications (and adding support for comments =
or newlines should be pretty straightforwards), take a look at =
ReadBozoFile() in src/bozo/bosserver.c