[OpenAFS] Re: windows openafs cache not updating

Andrew Deason adeason@sinenomine.net
Mon, 12 Dec 2011 19:26:33 -0600

On Mon, 12 Dec 2011 16:40:01 -0800
Jonathan Nilsson <jnilsson@uci.edu> wrote:

> FindClient: stillborn client 74024d60(d16fe8cc); conn 180213d0
> (host MY.CLI.ENT.IP:7001) had client f402fa30(d16fe8cc)
> CB: RCallBackConnectBack (host.c) failed for host MY.CLI.ENT.IP:7001
> CB: WhoAreYou failed for host 34015890 (MY.CLI.ENT.IP:7001), error 1
> Could these messages be indicating a problem? (They appear frequently in
> the logs and I cannot tell if they correspond to specific read or write
> actions on the clients.)

Yes, they indicate that the fileserver cannot contact that client to
tell it that the files have changed (well, the latter two, anyway). Is
that client behind a NAT or some kind of stateful firewall? Assuming
not, a simple test you can perform to check that a client is reachable
from the fileserver is by running:

rxdebug <client> 7001 -version

from the fileserver. If that does not respond with the version of that
client, check firewalls et al and allow port udp 7001 to the client.
This is assuming, though, that the client generally stays up. It can be
normal to see messages like that if the client is abruptly removed from
the network or shutdown in an unclean fashion, etc.

Andrew Deason