[OpenAFS] Happy Holidays -- Another year in the life of OpenAFS

Jeffrey Altman jaltman@openafs.org
Thu, 22 Dec 2011 01:51:45 -0500

The holiday season and the end of 2011 is upon us.  As we look back on
the year there is much for the OpenAFS user community to be thankful of:

* The demand attach file server finally made it into a
  production release three years after the initial contribution hit
  the master branch.

* The developers continued to keep up with new releases of Linux
  and MacOS X.

* The native Windows client is finally in production use after more
  than four years of active development.

* Forty five developers including several new names contributed
  code, graphics or documentation which continues to rank OpenAFS
  as one of the largest active open source projects on the planet.

Looking forward to 2012 the community can expect the deployment of new
security solutions, improved cache coherency, and additional file system

If there is a dark side to 2011 it has been the continued concentration
of code contributions from a very small number of commercial entities
and a failure of the user community to pick up the pace of re-writing
the end user and administrator documentation.  It is my hope that new
volunteers will step forward in 2012.  One thought might be organizing a
documentation weekend where volunteers can collaborate with a focused
effort one chapter at a time.

I want to say a very special thank you to the gatekeepers for all of
their efforts.  The volunteer gatekeepers provide services that are
crucial to the success of OpenAFS including release management, code
review, architecture design, bug fixer of last resort, and evangelism.

The gatekeepers would of course have nothing the manage without the
contributions of the developers.  The following is the list of
developers whose code were added to the master branch during 2011 (order
by number of commits):

	Jeffrey Altman
	Simon Wilkinson
	Andrew Deason
	Derrick Brashear
	Marc Dionne
	Michael Meffie
	Ben Kaduk
	Garrett Wollman
	Peter Scott
	Russ Allbery
	Rod Widdowson
	Antoine Verheijen
	Jonathan A. Kollasch
	Jeff Blaine
	Chas Williams
	Ken Dreyer
	Anders Kaseorg
	Christof Hanke
	Rainer Toebbicke
	Jonathan Billings
	Edward Z. Yang
	Chaz Chandler
	Stephan Wiesand
	Jacob Thebault-Spieker
	Andy Cobaugh
	Will Maier
	Vincent Archer
	Tom Keiser
	Todd Lewis
	Toby Burress
	Thomas L. Kula
	Terry Long
	Stefan Kueng
	Ryan C. Underwood
	Rainer Strunz
	Matt Benjamin
	Karl Ramm
	Jason Edgecombe
	Hartmut Reuter
	Chris Orsi
	Chaskiel Grundman
	Asanka C. Herath
	Adam Megacz

With that said I want to wish everyone a Happy or Merry holiday of your
preference and a Happy New Year!!!

Jeffrey Altman