[OpenAFS] Win7 SP1 issue

Mike B. Kerber michael.kerber@univie.ac.at
Wed, 23 Feb 2011 13:47:37 +0100

Hello all!

I have been running a test setup with Openafs for windows 1.5.99b and
1.5.78 with minor issues on a win7 x64 enterprise. In a hope to resolve
these i upgraded to Win7 SP1 and found the openafs client to not work at
all. I reinstalled open afs but the situation remained unchanged.
What seems to be a major problem is that the Loopback adapter does not
get the 10.x.x.x adress although it is properly entered in the settings
page. Win7Sp1 will not accept that- the adapter gets an auto IP 169...15
that one so far seems to be always the same.
In any case the afsd_service is not establishing any connections as per
the installed comodo-firewall. Before SP1 install the service was always
connected to the VLDB servers.

If there is time we will try a fresh install, sp1 and then
openafs-client to verify if the problem is persistent.

In any case be warned before installing SP1 for win7 if you rely on
openafs! If there is somebody with 32bit Win7 and got openafs working
under win7sp1, please report.

Thanks for all the work in getting a recent network fs to windows and
providing one to the other os's

best regards

mag. michael kerber