[OpenAFS] aklog build failure, 1.4.14, Solaris 10, Solaris Studio cc

Jeff Blaine jblaine@kickflop.net
Fri, 25 Feb 2011 14:20:41 -0500

I swear I hit something like this a few years ago (2008),
but cannot for the life of me find any info on the problem
or solution.

Solaris Studio 12.2
Solaris 10 SPARC
OpenAFS 1.4.14
MIT Kerberos 1.6.3 in /usr/rcf-krb5

make dest
/opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc  -I/usr/rcf-krb5/include -DALLOW_REGISTER 
-I/tmp/openafs-1.4.14/src/config -I. -I. -I/tmp/openafs-1.4.14/include 
-I/tmp/openafs-1.4.14/include/afs -I/tmp/openafs-1.4.14/include/rx 
-I/tmp/openafs-1.4.14 -I/tmp/openafs-1.4.14/src 
-I/tmp/openafs-1.4.14/src -dy -Bdynamic  -c aklog_main.c
"/usr/rcf-krb5/include/kerberosIV/des.h", line 145: warning: macro 
redefined: ENCRYPT
"/usr/rcf-krb5/include/kerberosIV/des.h", line 146: warning: macro 
redefined: DECRYPT
"aklog_main.c", line 231: #error: "Must have either keyblock or session 
member of krb5_creds"
cc: acomp failed for aklog_main.c
*** Error code 2