[OpenAFS] Re: failover 1.6.0pre2 dafs

Gémes Géza geza@kzsdabas.hu
Sun, 27 Feb 2011 22:41:32 +0100

>> I plan to run my two (1.6.0) openafs servers (both are vl pt vol and
>> dafs servers) in a failover configuration (the failover supervised by
>> a redhat-cluster installation). The data is on a SAN which is attached
>> to both servers.
> I assume you want this for high-availability of RW data?
>> Please tell me if I've overlooked anything. Won't get the the vl and
>> pt server confused from running on both addresses declared in
>> CellServDB in case of failover?
> Yes they will. Why don't you just have a single service IP address, and
> have the nodes in an active-passive configuration? When the primary goes
> down, the secondary takes the service IP and starts up all of its
> processes. It seems like that may be simpler.
Probably I'm going to implement this. But need to redesign some details:
separate the pt and vl server instances (to separate boxes, at least
virtually) from the volume and file-server (which is going to be subject
of this high availability approach).

Thank you!