[OpenAFS] calculating memory

Jason Edgecombe jason@rampaginggeek.com
Fri, 28 Jan 2011 21:38:36 -0500

On 01/28/2011 03:24 PM, Gary Gatling wrote:
> Hello,
> I am in charge of several afs servers in our college. Right now there 
> are 5 afs servers running on 5 SPARC based servers. We are ditching 
> Solaris since it sucks so bad and are going to move to Linux VM's 
> running inside of VMware.
> I was asked how much disk and memory we would need for the VMs. I was 
> then critized for suggesting that each VM needs 4GB just like the real 
> servers. I did not suggest the 4GB in each server. That was decided by 
> a guy who quit a few years ago.
> So....
> Is there some rule of thumb for how one calculates the amout of RAM a 
> AFS file server should have. The 5 servers serve out about 2 TB of 
> data. So each fileserver has like about 500 GB of afs volumes on. Also 
> how to go about calculating will be good when the justifications for 
> RAM are asked?
> Thanks for any ideas anyone will have.

At UNC Charlotte, we are moving to Dell R510's on bare metal. The 
servers have 12GB RAM and 12TB raw internal storage (10TB after RAID6).

I looked at one of my Linux servers, and the fileserver process is using 
1795KB of RAM. and only 997GB of space is used in my /vicepX partitions. 
The rest of the memory is used as a filesystem cache.