[OpenAFS] vos zap problem

Michael Meffie mmeffie@sinenomine.net
Mon, 14 Mar 2011 08:50:36 -0400

Lars Schimmer wrote:
> Hi!
> After the vos rename actions resolved I got some problems with vos zap:
> zap             delete the volume, don't bother with VLDB
> schimmer@tetris ~ % vos zap deimos a user.abcd
> VLDB: no such entry

Hi Lars,

Vos zap wants a volume id. Try the numeric id, from the vol listvol output.

> I think vos should not bother with VLDB? Why does it show the VLDB error?
> And how do I delete that bogus entry on my partition?
> 1.6.pre1 still on debian.