[OpenAFS] lock screen renew afs ticket issues?

TIARA System Man sysman@tiara.sinica.edu.tw
Fri, 18 Mar 2011 16:41:04 +0800

dear all,

recently, i added another afs file server into our environment.
somehow, my users have problems after i added the new afs file server.
as long as they they log in from lock screen, they will have the
*permission denied* problem. what i found is before the screen saver
triggered. they have afs/tiara.sinica.edu.tw@TIARA.SINICA.EDU.TW
ticket. after login from lock screen. the previous afs/tiara ticket is
gone. they only has afs@TIARA.SINICA.EDU.TW ticket.

so, users need to type aklog to retrive the
afs/tiara.sinica.edu.tw@TIARA.SINICA.EDU.TW ticket. otherwise, they
can't use the desktop.

do you have any suggestion of this issue?  i'm looking for your input.
thank you in advance.

btw, my users' home directory is openafs..

best, sam

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