[OpenAFS] extra cell token with TheseCells

Hugo Monteiro hugo.monteiro@fct.unl.pt
Thu, 31 Mar 2011 13:48:04 +0100

Hello all,

After enabling debug with TraceOptions, i was able to capture the 
following in the client event log

Looking up TheseCells
Located TheseCells in hkDom size 18
Found TheseCells [staff.example.com]
About to call cm_GetRootCellName(<non-integrated logon>)
KFW_AFS_get_cred uname=[john] smbname=[staff\john] cell=[example.com] 
KFW_AFS_get_cred uname=[john@EXAMPLE.COM] smbname=[staff\john] 
cell=[staff.example.com] code=[-1765328189]

In fact everything works just fine for the default cell (fct.unl.pt), 
but it's failing on the second one, apparently because it's appending 
the realm to the username, which doesn't happen for the 1st one. I also 
noticed the "About to call cm_GetRootCellName(<non-integrated logon>)" 
line .. does this mean that integrated logon isn't working?(!) That 
would be a bit strange since it IS working for the 1st cell.. at least i 
only have to type in the user credentials at the windows logon.

Note: real domain/realm/cell names were substituted, hence the hkDom 
size 18 is probably not correct, when correlated to example.com

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Best Regards,

Hugo Monteiro.

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