[OpenAFS] Help: Cannot execute pts createuser

Marcus Watts mdw@umich.edu
Tue, 31 May 2011 12:33:19 -0400

> Date:    Wed, 01 Jun 2011 00:22:49 +0800
> To:      OpenAFS <OpenAFS-info@openafs.org>
> From:    Lee Eric <openlinuxsource@gmail.com>
> Subject: [OpenAFS] Help: Cannot execute pts createuser
> Hi,
> I'm use Fedora 14 x86_64 and while I'm adding a Production Database
> entry for the admin user.
> [root@server ~]# pts createuser -name admin -noauth
> pts: Permission denied ; unable to create user admin
> [root@server ~]# pts createuser -name admin -id 1 -noauth
> pts: Entry for id already exists ; unable to create user admin with id 1
> [root@server ~]#
> Could anyone show me some tips to fix that?
> Thanks.
> Eric
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Hopefully you mean 'protection' and not 'production'.
At least, I hope you haven't yet created anything else
that you care about in the pt database.

If you have things running "-noauth", undo that; this was
an ancient transarc kludge that needs to be eradicated from
the install directions.

	to initialize the database,
	make sure ptserver is not running, then as root on the db server,
rm -f /var/lib/openafs/db/*.DB*
pt_util -w </dev/null
	(paths may vary.  does the redhat build still use /usr/afs/db/ ?)

	You should see output like this:

	stilton-root# pt_util -w </dev/null
	pt_util: /var/lib/openafs/db/prdb.DB0: Bad UBIK_MAGIC. Is 0 should be 354545
	Ubik Version is: 2.0

	now start ptserver, then on the db server,
pts createu admin -localauth
pts adduser admin system:administrators -localauth

	at this point, you should now be able to use admin on a
	regular client & etc.

				-Marcus Watts