[OpenAFS] OpenAFS on Windows 7

Mag. Mike B. Kerber michael.kerber@univie.ac.at
Tue, 13 Sep 2011 18:39:02 +0200

Hi all Win 7 users!

Having played with Windows 7 and also with the OpenAFS installation and
32bit and 64bit versions we came to the conclusions that Windows 7 sucks
in many aspects -including the troubles with afs and also kerberos.
There are some problems with the network and sharing center that cause
some problems in several aspects.

Yet with respect to OpenAFS we can tell anyone who is interested to wait
the few days until the IFS client is there.
Having it tested it worked really well from the first install and we
_hope_ that it is just bug free ;) until now no problems appeared.
We think that Jeffrey Altman and the other developers did a really great
job, many thanks for all the hard work!

We cant wait until the IFS is in the official development tree so that
the software can turn stable soon.

thanks to the OpenAFS team from

-mike & the rest of the physnano it guys