[OpenAFS] New volumes get strange IDs and are unusable

Torbjörn Moa moa@fysik.su.se
Mon, 19 Sep 2011 16:33:06 +0200


I've been running this cell for many many years, and suddenly the
following happens when I try to make a new volume:

[root@sysafs2 ~]# vos create sysafs2 /vicepa testatest
Volume 2620303136 created on partition /vicepa of sysafs2

[root@sysafs2 ~]# vos examine testatest
Could not fetch the information about volume 2620303136 from the server
: No such device
Volume does not exist on server sysafs2.physto.se as indicated by the VLDB

Dump only information from VLDB

    RWrite: 2620303136
    number of sites -> 1
       server sysafs2.physto.se partition /vicepa RW Site

[root@sysafs2 ~]# vos listvol sysafs2 | grep -C2 testatest
test2.physto.se                   536896735 RW     538683 K On-line
test2.physto.se.readonly          536896736 RO     538661 K On-line
testatest                        2620303136 RW          2 K On-line

Total volumes onLine 355 ; Total volumes offLine 0 ; Total busy 0

Note the big diff in volume id's. The id's starting with 536 are normal
for my cell, the 2620... I have never seen before.

Furthermore, the volume really is unusable. I can mount it, but "ls"
says the mountpoint is not a file or directory.

Anyone has any clue?

Cheers, Torbjörn