[OpenAFS] Linux client connection timed out after server failure

Derrick Brashear shadow@gmail.com
Thu, 16 Aug 2012 10:53:32 -0400

fs checkv?

it should recover in 2 hours, which is the vldb refresh time.

we've discussed previously why polling the vldb every time a server is
down would be bad in terms of
vldb load, and this is basically precisely that situation.

On Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 10:22 AM, Bob Hoffman <hoffman@cs.pitt.edu> wrote:
> One of our file servers died and I restored all of its volumes to
> another file server.  I've searched through the openafs-info archives
> and tried everything I could find but nothing seems to help.
> A number of clients persist in saying "Connection timed out" even after
> the volumes were brought on-line on the new server.
> Both the server that failed and the new server run OpenAFS 1.6.1 on
> CentOS 6.2.
> Three of the clients that are getting timeouts are:
> OpenAFS 1.4.11 on RHEL4
> OpenAFS 1.4.12 on CentOS 5.5
> OpenAFS 1.4.14 on CentOS 5.5
> The volume that's timing out is 'cast' and it's in a volume called
> 'projects'.   Projects is replicated. 'fs checkservers' reports that the
> server is not responding, which is correct since the machine is
> completely down.  There are no volumes in the vldb that are listed as
> being on that dead server.
> Here is what I've tried so far with no effect whatsoever:
> fs flushmount /afs/cs.pitt.edu/projects/cast
> fs flushmount /afs/cs.pitt.edu/projects
> fs flushmount /afs/.cs.pitt.edu/projects/cast
> fs flushmount /afs/.cs.pitt.edu/projects
> fs flushvolume /afs/cs.pitt.edu/projects/cast
> fs flushvolume /afs/cs.pitt.edu/projects
> fs flushvolume /afs/.cs.pitt.edu/projects/cast
> fs flushvolume /afs/.cs.pitt.edu/projects
> vos release projects
> ls -l /afs/cs.pitt.edu/projects
> ls -l /afs/.cs.pitt.edu/projects
> Is there anything I can do, short of a client reboot, to fix this?
> Shouldn't AFS have a more graceful recovery in this kind of situation?
> Why doesn't the client see that the volume has moved to a new server?
>      Thanks in advance,
>      ---Bob.
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