[OpenAFS] Re: NetRestrict ignored [SOLVED]

Ian Crowther i.crowther@gmail.com
Wed, 20 Jun 2012 01:30:31 +0100

Okay, thanks all. For closure:

> Derrick Brashear:
> [snip]
> 1) use to apply to that

Listing the IPs specifically within NetRestrict is the answer, thanks.

> 2) use, the classful subnet address, in the file to
> apply to that.
> [snip]

I'd assumed it would match broadcast addresses on the interfaces. I'm
too young to know about anything that isn't CIDR!

> Andrew Deason:
> [snip]
>, and created it again. You can verify whether 536870928 is
> referenced by the vldb anywhere by running 'vos listvl 536870928'. If
> that says it doesn't know what that volume is, you should be able to
> delete it safely from the server, if you want.
> [snip]

#vos zap -server -partition vicepa -id 536870928
Volume 536870928 deleted
#vos listvol -server|grep 536870928

It seems somewhere in my meddling I'd broke the replicas too, but they
seem okay after an addsite.