[OpenAFS] AFS db portability upgrading db server etc

John W Sopko Jr sopko@cs.unc.edu
Tue, 02 Apr 2013 09:59:44 -0400

I am planning to upgrade my lowest IP AFS db server from rhel5 32 bit
to rhel6 64 bit. I have a new server with rhel6 64 bit installed. I plan
on renaming the current/old server as well as changing its IP address 
and assigning the new 64 bit server the current IP and hostname.

I would first shutdown the AFS db instances on the old server so one
of our other db servers would become the sync master. I was then going 
to rsync the db files to the new 64 bit server from the old server and 
turn on the afs db server instances. Or should I just leave the
/usr/afs/db directory empty and the new machine will sync the
databases over?

If I do a mdsum checksum on the db's I notice the lowest IP server has a 
different checksum then the other 2 secondary db servers which have the 
same checksum. Are the dbs portable? Thanks for any recommendations.

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