[OpenAFS] Moving Authen Servers to different IP addresses

Greg Wilson Greg.Wilson@asu.edu
Mon, 22 Apr 2013 20:26:47 +0000

Thank you so much for your help.=0A=
One more question.=0A=
Concerning your statement:=0A=
    >Clients will cope with some of the=0A=
     >VLDB servers going away from the client perspective *as long as* the =
     >master is one of the ones that doesn't go a way.=0A=
Does this mean that I need to keep my current Ubik master ( the server runn=
ing with the lowest ip), around permanantly?=0A=
If so should the network IP address ranges for my other new DB servers be h=
igher than the current Ubik master?=0A=
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Greg Wilson <Greg.Wilson@asu.edu> writes:=0A=
> Any thoughts on the final physical location of the 3 servers and network=
> bandwith between them?=0A=
> Is it better to have them in 3 different physical locations with 3=0A=
> different IP's and if so what should be the bandwith between them.=0A=
> I notice in the global CellServDB file that may AFS db servers for=0A=
> different installations are all in the same subnet.=0A=
You may or may not be able to tell.  For example, Stanford's are on three=
different subnets.  We disperse them physically around our campus.  The=0A=
VLDB doesn't require much in the way of bandwidth; if you have working=0A=
network, you're unlikely to notice.=0A=
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