[OpenAFS] Afsd and connection timeout

nicolas prochazka prochazka.nicolas@gmail.com
Thu, 26 Dec 2013 23:15:02 +0100

I need some help to understand how afsd works with openafs server crash.

Linux 3.11.x
openafs 1.6.6pre1

Openafs Server ( all service on only one server )
Afsd client with ext2 cache disk

1 - with command : find /afs/private.ndv/ndvap -type f -exec cat {}
>/dev/null \;
I cache all my data ( 1G ) on client
2 - powerdown the server

3 - I can use data on my client without problem but after a random
period, I get :
Connection timed out. ( it's readonly acces )

I do not understand what is this random period, and if i can set it .
I do similary test with discon mode off, without success

Test 1 ( 1,2,3 )
I can use data during 3H

Test 2 ( 1,2,3)
I can use data during 30min

Test 3 ( 1,2,3 )
I can use data during 1h20

Nicolas Prochazka.