[OpenAFS] Full path in audit log

Kevin Lemonnier kevin.lemonnier@cognix-systems.com
Mon, 08 Dec 2014 16:05:09 +0100


I installed an OpenAfs server on a virtual machine to check a few things,
hoping it'd meet the requirements we have.
The performances are looking good but I can't get an audit log with the
full path of the created / modified files.

What we do currently is using inotify to perform tasks on created /
modified files, and I was told that it obviously wouldn't work with
OpenAFS, but that it was possible to get with the audit log an equivalent.
Is there some way to achieve that ? Some configuration option I missed
that would allow me to have the full path in the audit log, or some way
to get inotify working on the server ? I don't need inotify on the
clients, what I want is some way to get notified when the clients create
or modify a file on the afs without having to check thousands of files
at all times like grunt does.

Sorry if my english is bad.

Kevin Lemonnier