[OpenAFS] Re: OpenAFS client crashes on RHEL 5.10 and RHEL 6.5

Edgecombe, Jason jwedgeco@uncc.edu
Thu, 20 Mar 2014 13:51:21 +0000

>From the knowledgebase article <https://access.redhat.com/site/solutions/72=
"Red Hat currently intend to also supply a fix for this issue in RHEL 5."

Support issue #01056785 was filed with RedHat support for The University of=
 North Carolina at Charlotte.

Sorry that I'm late to the party. ;)

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Due to the various bug reports filed about this issue, Red Hat has
indicated that they are considering this issue a regression in Red Hat
Enterprise Linux and will be providing a fix in at least RHEL 6.6 and an
RHEL 6.5 update. Red Hat has not yet indicated that a fix will be
available for RHEL 5, though they will probably be investigating a fix
for that version.

Customers with a Red Hat support contract are urged to follow up with
Red Hat support for more details and timelines. Customers that concerned
about this issue on RHEL 5 are strongly urgeed to file a bug with Red
Hat to ensure that this issue is fixed in RHEL 5.

When opening a case with Red Hat about this issue, it may be helpful to
reference the following bug IDs, though you may not be able to view any
information associated with them:

 - 1042731
 - 1063201
 - 1063198
 - 1053566
 - 1051867

In addition, Red Hat is maintaining the following page to provide
information about this issue:

Thank you to everyone that contacted Red Hat about this issue. I would
also like to thank Red Hat for being very cooperative and helpful when
trying to resolve this issue.

Also, note that while the fix that Red Hat is providing does appear to
completely fix this latest regression, I'm not sure if the general issue
of problems with OpenAFS' Linux mountpoint integration is completely
solved. We're still working on further improvements in this area to make
sure that problems like this cannot happen again in the future, as the
relevant code in Linux continues to evolve.

Andrew Deason
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