[OpenAFS] backup strategy

Atro Tossavainen openafs@atrotossavainen.fi
Thu, 13 Nov 2014 14:33:06 +0200

> Last time I heard about tsmafs (the file level thing from Lule=E5) ther=
> were just "some small adjustments" necessary before publishing the
> code. That was a while ago. Hint hint ;-)


> PS: Places from where code for AFS-TSM backup integration
>     has been published end in "=E5"?

There appear to be a number of Swedish universities who use OpenAFS.

Not so here in Finland... Even my groundbreaking (first ever in Finland,
existed from 2000, first as IBM AFS and from 2009 as OpenAFS) installatio=
was decommissioned by my former employers a year ago because nobody there
could be bothered to learn AFS after I quit to run my own business.

I would welcome the opportunity to work, however temporarily, on AFS
related matters again.  V=E4stra riket isn't too far away... :)

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