[OpenAFS] Best Practices for UNC-crippled apps on Windows

Tim Johnson tcjohnso@stanford.edu
Wed, 6 May 2015 15:16:38 -0700

Hi all,

I'm wondering if one has any "best practices" for handling Windows apps =
which are incompatible with AFS's UNC paths.

We have found apps that are happy to save and work in AFS when it is =
mapped to U:, but when pointed to \\afs\userhome they hang.

I believe this is well-known behavior and is documented in a Known =
Issues section of the OpenAFS for Windows help file.

We have network users mapped to \\afs for significant portions of their =
home directories (.\, Documents, Music, Desktop) on our Windows =
machines, and I'm looking for a graceful way to tell Windows to access =
these common locations via U: rather than via \\afs, so these programs =
(QtCreator and Ableton Live are two) stop being unreliable for our =

Perhaps there are places in our Windows logon scripts I can change.  I =
found the deprecated options in OpenAFS to mount drive letters via the =
service, and read about how this is no longer an option for us due to =
UAC & etc. in Windows 7 and beyond.

Does anyone have any pointers or redirects?

Tim Johnson
Stanford University=