[OpenAFS] Building openafs 1.6.15 on old ("precise") kernels

John Tang Boyland boyland@uwm.edu
Mon, 09 Nov 2015 07:22:20 -0600

Thanks Sergio and others.

My speaking of "precise" was wrong.  Sorry for wasting people's time
with that.  Since I wrote the email, I've been informed that the machine
is running Debian Squeeze.  That is not supposed to EOL until 2/2016
(according to my limited understanding), but if I understand you
correctly openafs-1.6.15 doesn't work on this old kernel.  (I'm
obviously not used to building kernels, and so was surprised that
openafs-1.6.15 built without error, but crashed when used.)

So: the advice is to upgrade the kernel.  Apparently that's not an
option (on our end) until the semester break.  Meanwhile, I'll just try
to stop using AFS on this machine.

Best regards,

] * John Tang Boyland [2015-11-05 20:57:10 -0600]:
] >    We're trying to update our "precise" ubuntu systems with
] > openafs-1.6.15. [...]
] > 
] >    I tried to build from source (./configure --with-linux-kernel-packaging)
] > with simple "make; make install".  The new kernel module
] > was placed in /lib/modules/2.6.32-5-amd64/extra/openafs/openafs.ko
] 2.6.32 was the kernel for Ubuntu lucid (10.04); precise (12.04) uses
] kernel 3.2.0 (or newer, if you install one of the backported kernels from
] later releases; 3.13.0 would be the obvious choice at the moment). 10.04
] reached EOL (even for server installations) a few months ago, which means
] that the package repository may soon disappear from ftp.ubuntu.com. (It
] was still there a few minutes ago, though.) If you really need to continue
] supporting 10.04, make sure you've got your own mirror.
] If you've been running precise with a lucid kernel, you may want to try
] upgrading the kernel.
] > Are there some instructions I should be following rather than
] > http://wiki.openafs.org/HowToBuildOpenAFSFromSource/ ?
] I'll second Ben Kaduk's suggestion to build the Debian packages. I normally
] use pbuilder so that there are no extraneous packages present during the
] build that could affect the output of ./configure, but if you don't have
] the time to set that up Ben's recipe will do. There may be issues with the
] version of debhelper (openafs 1.6.15 requires debhelper >= 9, Ubuntu lucid
] has version 7.4) but those can be solved. (I see I've got a lucid backport
] of debhelper 9.20120115ubuntu3 in my private repo; probably a trivial one.)
] Occasionally one may need to tweak a source package when backporting, but
] for openafs there is rarely much to do. Version 1.6.15-1 will build as is
] on Ubuntu trusty; I haven't had the need to try older releases.