[OpenAFS] windows client and git

Jan Pospíšil honik@kma.zcu.cz
Thu, 12 Nov 2015 18:42:39 +0100

I just updated the request
with the following text:

All right. I tried stracent, but probably I do not know how to use it:

$ stracent git pull
Error: The request is not supported.
Do I need to put something special into stFilter.txt?
I also could not read anything from procmon, the only interesting lines are probably
git.exe QueryDirectory ...\.git\objects\pack NO MORE FILES
git.exe CreateFile ...\.git\packed-refs NAME NOT FOUND
But I could not find any error similar to the studied error.

Finally I upgraded the openafs-client to 1.7.3301 and the error completely disappeared in all workspaces/repositories. I am happy that the upgrade solved this issue, although it is not quite obvious what changes in the latest openafs-client release were involved.

Anyway, thank you all for your suggestions and help.

I would like to thank especially to Jeffrey.

Kind regards

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