[OpenAFS] vos dumps to S3 via S3 Storage Gateway?

Garance A Drosehn drosih@rpi.edu
Wed, 01 Mar 2017 15:35:02 -0500

On 1 Mar 2017, at 11:55, Mark Vitale wrote:

>> On Mar 1, 2017, Dave Botsch <botsch@cnf.cornell.edu> wrote:
>> How would one go about building OpenAFS as such? Any
>> documentation someplace?
> To enable butc to use the TSM XBSA APIs, specify:
> configure —enable-tivoli-tsm
> Sorry, I have no other details or OpenAFS documentation
> I can point you to.

Huh.  Interesting.  Long ago we did backups to TSM, but then
some change came along where that didn't work.  (I have no
recollection what, as I was not involved at the time).  So
we use 'butc' to dump to fake-tape-images on local disk,
and then we use TSM to back up those fake-tape-image files
(which are capped at 50-gig per fake-image).

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