[OpenAFS] Red Hat EL Support Customers - Please open a support case for kafs in RHEL8

Harald Barth haba@kth.se
Fri, 07 Dec 2018 10:00:53 +0100 (CET)

Hi Jeff, hi David!

Has it been 17 years? Well, we are all getting - mature ;-) 

Obviously a file system is ready for use if it's old enough to buy
liquor (which difffers a little between countries).

> When opening a support case please specify:
>  Product:      Red Hat Enterprise Linux
>  Version:      8.0 Beta
>  Case Type:    Feature / Enhancement Request
>  Hostname:     hostname of the system on which RHEL8 beta was installed

We have a hen and egg problem here: Why would I install 8.0b on
<whatever hostname> if it does not have kafs? Install a Fedora
test, sure, but RHEL 8.0b?

> If you are eligible, please attempt to open a support request by
> December 11th.

3 workdays. Optimistic.

> As part of the Linux kernel source tree, kafs is indirectly supported by
> the entire Linux kernel development community.  All of the automated
> testing performed against the mainline kernel is also performed against
> kafs.

But the automated testing does probably not (yet) fetch a single file
from an AFS server. (Compare to how the gssapi-key-exchange features
in ssh are never tested in the ssh/scp shipped with distributions as
the testing never fetched a single file with that feature - with known
results). Testing that requires infrastructure is a lot of work to

Sorry, I may sound much more pessimistic here than I am actually are.
This _might_ fly. I wish.... :-)

Season's greetings,