[OpenAFS] Re: Starting an server (both DB and FS) without `BOS` (e.g. on Linux with systemd)

Ciprian Dorin Craciun ciprian.craciun@gmail.com
Sat, 9 Mar 2019 12:05:42 +0200

[I'm adding to the previous question also the issue of salvaging.  I'm
quoting what I've asked on a previous thread.]

BTW, on the topic of volume salvaging, when I define my DAFS / FS node
I start a node of `salvager` (for FS) and `dasalvager` and
`salvageserver`.  However looking at the running processes the
`salvager` and `dasalvager` don't seem to be running after the initial
startup.  Thus I wonder how the salvage process actually happens?

Does the `fileserver` / `dafileserver` actually start the salvage
process, or do they communicate this to the `bos` to restart only that