[OpenAFS] Seeing Project Ideas and Mentors for OpenAFS Google Summer of Code

Dave Botsch botsch@cnf.cornell.edu
Wed, 26 Jan 2022 14:41:27 -0500


	Google Summer of Code is a global, online program focused on
	bringing new contributors into open source software development.
	GSoC Contributors work with an open source organization on a 12+
	week programming project under the guidance of mentors.

And the Foundation is willing to facilitate an organizational applicaton
for the OpenAFS project as well as pay a stipend to any OpenAFS
community member acting as a mentor:

	Community members and committers already active in the mentoring
	organizations can choose to mentor a contributor project.
	Mentors and GSoC contributors work together to determine
	appropriate goals for the program period. Mentor interaction is
	a vital part of the program.

GSoC is a great opportunity to foster a young mind's interest in coding
and in FOSS (and possibly in OpenAFS as well). And it's a great
opportunity for you as a mentor and something that can start or expand
your own leadership journey.

So, we are looking for mentor volunteers and project ideas... part of
the organization application process is an Ideas page with potential
projects for students.

Project ideas should have managable project goals for several weeks of
the program. Which can, when working with the student, be broken down
into smaller pieces.

Think a small neat feature in a piece of AFS, an improvement someplace,
useful utility (for example, having someone write a new up to Gnome GUI
for working with AFS file permissions).

If you are interested in mentoring and/or have ideas or would simply
like to discuss further, let's talk in the #openafs IRC channel or via

The Organization application period begins February 7.


David William Botsch
OpenAFS Foundation Board