[OpenAFS] 1.8.10 in ppa:openafs/stable for Ubuntu 22.04 (kernel 6.2)?

Jan Henrik Sylvester me@janh.de
Thu, 3 Aug 2023 15:04:06 +0200


today, Ubuntu 22.04 replaced the default desktop kernel 5.19 (originally 
from 22.10) with 6.2 (originally from 23.04). Since desktop defaults to 
the HWE kernel, this kernel will be installed automatically on desktop 
installation immediately.

1.8.9 from ppa:openafs/stable fails to build for kernel 6.2, which is 
not surprising, since 1.8.9 release notes state that mainline kernels up 
to 6.0 are supported. Only in 1.8.10, kernel support is extended up to 6.4.

Please, could ppa:openafs/stable be updated to 1.8.10 as soon as 
possible, since there are now Ubuntu LTS systems without AFS.

Thanks a lot,
Jan Henrik