[OpenAFS] 1.8.10 in ppa:openafs/stable for Ubuntu 22.04 (kernel 6.2)?

Jan Henrik Sylvester me@janh.de
Thu, 3 Aug 2023 18:00:49 +0200

On 8/3/23 17:02, Jeffrey E Altman wrote:
> Even if you prefer OpenAFS, kafs is available to access /afs until 
> updated OpenAFS packages are available.

Thanks for the reminder.

In the meantime, I have noticed to have missed the packages in 
jammy-updates. These are only 1.8.8, but with patches for kernel 6.2 
(which are not in the pure jammy packages).

Until 1.8.10 packages are backported (which is not too hard, since 
Debian trixie already has 1.8.10), Ubuntu 22.04 can use the packages 
from jammy-updates:

apt-mark hold openafs-client openafs-modules-dkms openafs-krb5

apt-get install -t jammy-updates openafs-client= 

Jan Henrik