[OpenAFS-testers] OpenAFS 1.2.6 Release Candidate 3 now available for testing

Garry Zacheiss zacheiss@MIT.EDU
Thu, 01 Aug 2002 03:01:06 -0400

A compressed tar file of OpenAFS 1.2.6-rc3 is now available at:


Changes since rc2 include:

- Fixed compilation error on 2.2 Linux kernels.

- fakestat now supports creating hard links in volume roots.

- The AFS init script on Linux will start AFS without network if
  the client is running with dynroot.

- Handle receiving EAGAIN from recvfrom() on Linux.

- Drop GLOCK on Linux in osi_linux_alloc() if we're able to.

- Fix case where the getcell pioctl might skip cells when called

for the OpenAFS Gatekeepers