[OpenAFS-port-freebsd] Hi dudes, would you care to point me in the right direction?

Joakim Arfvidsson joakim.arfvidsson@iped.vxu.se
Fri, 21 Nov 2003 23:21:51 +0100

I'd really like to get an AFS server up and running on our FreeBSD 5.1=20=

machine - I really love AFS and I want to switch my little lab over to=20=

it. The AFS client not working on the server is not an issue - client=20
machines are Mac OS X.

I'm having a hard time compiling though... is there a document compiled=20=

on how to? I've tried both with current, and with snapshot (20/11).

This: ./configure --with-afs-sysname=3Di386_fbsd_50 (or 51)

complains about missing src/config/Makefile.i386_fbsd_51.in

When copying version 46 of the same file from current, it gets all the=20=

way to complaining about afsconfig.h.in.

When copying afsconfig.h.in from current, configure gets all the way=20

make does not succeed though:

"Makefile", line 12: Could not find=20
make: fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue

By merging the snapshot with current (keeping newest files), I think I=20=

got a even a little longer... it got a little bit underway. Can't=20
reproduce that right now though.

I'm not really (obviously) skilled in configuring and making... feel=20
free to tell me so:)

Please advise

Joakim Arfvidsson, V=E4xj=F6 University=