[Port-solaris] RE: [OpenAFS] mkdir() performance on AFS client

Robert Milkowski rmilkowski@task.gda.pl
Thu, 23 Jan 2014 11:57:09 -0000

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> On 23 Jan 2014, at 11:37, <milek@task.gda.pl> <milek@task.gda.pl>
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> > Recently I came across an issue where 'make install' which was
> > installing software to AFS was taking *much* more time on a Solaris
> > client than on Linux client. The issue turned out to be a lack of
> > optimization on VFS layer in Solaris, and VOP_MKDIR in AFS isn't
> > optimized for it either (on Linux it doesn't have to be). This can be
> > mitigated though by changing default setting for AFS file server.
> The real question here is how widely we should be applying the abort
> threshold - should it apply to all aborts sent to a particular client,
> or should we be more selective? There are a lot of competing views
> here, as it depends on what you believe the abort threshold is actually
> protecting us against.

I'm actually not convinced this throttling mechanism is needed (I know it
can be disabled, and perhaps this should be default or the threshold should
be set to a much higher value by default) - AFAIK NFS, CIFS, ... do not have
an equivalent and yet they work fine.

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 Robert Milkowski