[Port-solaris] RE: mkdir() performance on AFS client

Robert Milkowski rmilkowski@task.gda.pl
Sat, 22 Mar 2014 13:26:44 -0000

Update - Oracle has implemented a similar optimization as Linux has, so now
VFS layer will check if an object already exists and if it does it won't
even call a fs-specific callback. AFS and NFS benefit most. This is in
Solaris 11 + SRU17, and will be part of 11.2 release as well.

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> Subject: mkdir() performance on AFS client
> Hi,
> Recently I came across an issue where 'make install' which was
> installing software to AFS was taking *much* more time on a Solaris
> client than on Linux client. The issue turned out to be a lack of
> optimization on VFS layer in Solaris, and VOP_MKDIR in AFS isn't
> optimized for it either (on Linux it doesn't have to be). This can be
> mitigated though by changing default setting for AFS file server.
> For more details see - http://milek.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/mkdir-
> performance.html
> Best regards,
>  Robert Milkowski