[OpenAFS] SAMBA as a CIFS <-> AFS gateway

Charles Clancy mgrtcc@cs.rose-hulman.edu
Tue, 17 Apr 2001 22:32:13 -0500

> Could I mount something as a CIFS volume with Samba, and serve it
via AFS?

An AFS server partition, such as /vicepa, is managed by the AFS
server, and can only be accessed via the AFS file server.  If you
mounted a CIFS volume with samba as /vicepa, the only other thing that
could read the volume would be another AFS server.  This seems

Perhaps the other way around -- store your filesystem on AFS, and
serve it with Samba -- would work better.  Then both systems could
access it.  A while back, I played around with getting Samba to act as
a PDC, to do AFS authentications and file service to NT workstations,
but I couldn't get around the plain-text password requirement of
Charles Clancy, mgrtcc@cs.rose-hulman.edu
Senior UNIX Administrator, Rose-Hulman CS