[OpenAFS] SAMBA as a CIFS <-> AFS gateway

Geoff Silver geoff@uslinux.net
Wed, 18 Apr 2001 10:20:41 -0400 (EDT)

> Perhaps the other way around -- store your filesystem on AFS, and
> serve it with Samba -- would work better.  Then both systems could
> access it.  A while back, I played around with getting Samba to act as
> a PDC, to do AFS authentications and file service to NT workstations,
> but I couldn't get around the plain-text password requirement of
> Samba.

As long as you're using Win95b or newer, set
	encrypt passwords = yes
in smb.conf.  Samba doesn't need to be a PDC.  If you already have an NT
domain controller, you should also add
	security = domain
and then make sure you've joined the domain by running
	smbpasswd -j {NTDOMAIN} -r {PDC Netbios Name}

If you've build Samba with AFS support, it *should* work for you.

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