[OpenAFS] AFS hangs on cache initialization at startup

Michael Durket durket@100acrewood.stanford.edu
Fri, 20 Apr 2001 12:58:38 -0700

On s390 Linux kernel 2.2.19 (latest RedHat beta), I've recompiled
OpenAFS 1.0.3 (using the s390 patches). Mostly, AFS fails to start
properly - it hangs in the AFS cache scan. On very rare occasions
it will start.

I've tried debugging this by putting printf statements in various
places, but this just moves the problem apparently. Sometimes
AFS will come up ok, sometimes it hangs in a different place. But,
it's always hung doing the AFSOP_CACHEINIT call.

I'm not saying that this is an AFS problem (it might be the beta
kernel), but I'm looking for some suggestions from more experienced
AFS debuggers who might have seen similar hangs in cache init on
Linux or other OSes and have suggestions about how to approach
debugging the problem.


Mike Durket