[OpenAFS] campus usage info request

Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH allbery@ece.cmu.edu
Wed, 06 Jun 2001 21:19:33 -0400

On Wednesday, June 06, 2001 15:41:43 -0700, dimeyer@ucdavis.edu wrote:
| UC Davis currently deploys AFS for software distribution and web page
| files for administrative applications serving the campuswide population
| in a mission critical capacity.   UC Davis has a combined population of
| 40,000 students, faculty and staff.   Is anyone using AFS, OpenAFS  or
| another alternative for administrative, mission-critical production
| applications on their campus?  We're interested in discussing your

MIT and (naturally --- it was originally developed here) Carnegie Mellon, 
to name two.  I'm not sure how heavily MIT is dependent on it, but we would 
be in deep trouble if AFS suddenly went away, because there aren't any real 
alternatives that will work here.  (UMich is talking about NFSv4 but it's 
still not viable, at least for what we need; DFS would be a logistical 

I'm not the best one to talk, as I'm still something of an AFS beginner and 
the ECE AFS cell is small compared to the other cells on our campus and 
tiny compared to MIT's Athena cell.  But you'll find that many of the 
OpenAFS "Elders" are campus users, and I think (but don't know for certain) 
that there are more academic AFS users than commercial users, even if 
Morgan Stanley has more users than any single university.

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