[OpenAFS] campus usage info request

Garry Zacheiss zacheiss@MIT.EDU
Wed, 06 Jun 2001 21:49:17 -0400

>> MIT and (naturally --- it was originally developed here) Carnegie
>> Mellon, to name two.  I'm not sure how heavily MIT is dependent on
>> it, but we would be in deep trouble if AFS suddenly went away,
>> because there aren't any real alternatives that will work here.

   MIT is quite heavily dependant on AFS; our main cell, the
athena.mit.edu cell, is about 1.1 TB of storage that's used for user
home directories, web publishing for classes, labs, and departments, and
for system software delivery for the workstations that comprise the
Athena computing environment.

   As Brandon said, we would be in a fair bit of trouble if AFS were to
go away; much of our infrastructure is pretty tightly wed to it, and we
certainly like managing it a lot more than NFS.

Garry Zacheiss
MIT I/S, Athena Server Operations