[OpenAFS] Unable to authenticate to AFS because no such entry

Pieter-Paul Giesberts (ELN) Pieter-Paul.Giesberts@eln.ericsson.se
Mon, 25 Jun 2001 11:32:37 +0200


The user(s) exist; kas and pts don't report any problems.

I added the entries to the system:administrators group and set the ADMIN flags. I can examine (kas) and check the membership (pts) without any problems.

I also have an afs entry in kas, with a correct key (equal to that of bos listkey)

But I still get the 'no such entry' error. I also can't do 'ls /afs' because for this 'permission is denied'. This is probably related?!


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Is there an entry in the PTServer for the particular user?
Is there an entry in the KAServer for the particular user?


"Pieter-Paul Giesberts (ELN)" <Pieter-Paul.Giesberts@eln.ericsson.se> writes:

> Hi,
> can someone explain to me why I get this message when I try to do klog?
> "Unable to authenticate to AFS because no such entry"
> It's not that my password is incorrect because if I use a wrong password I get 
> "Unable to authenticate to AFS because password was incorrect"
> I've completed all steps from the Quick Beginnings Guide in order to create a user (multiple times) and now I can't authenticate, which means that in order to make any adjustments I have to create the NoAuth file. Can someone help me, because I'm at a loss here...
> Thanks, 
> Pieter-Paul Giesberts.
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