[OpenAFS] Hangups on Redhat 7.1 Client machines

Tariq Kara karat@somewhere.umd.edu
Tue, 26 Jun 2001 08:42:19 -0400 (EDT)

Well I've been using the client for a while but I'm getting serious lags
and then eventually I lose control of the session.  I can't abort, kill or
do anything after that.  I just have to press the reset button on my
computer to reboot it.  
	Now the machine I'm talking about is a Dual Gigahertz machine with
512MB RAM with Redhat 7.1 with just the client installed from source and
not rpms.  I've tried the client with two different cells and I get the
same results.  I can do ls and simple stuff like that.  But if I say try
to do command line completion or try to copy a file it hangs
up.  Ocassionally I will get messages saying that I the time is 3 seconds
ahead than the fileserver so it is trying to change the clock.  But I have
a cron job running hourly which updates both the clocks from the same
University time server.  
	So any guesses on what's wrong or why this machine is acting
up.  Other clients have seemed to be running ok although I've had hangups
on them too.